Team Member

Aaron Reimchen

M.Sc. Candidate
University of Calgary

Topic: Characterization and Modeling of a Slope Channel Complex: The Complex Record of Erosion, Bypass and Deposition

Research Topic

  • High-resolution stratigraphic and architectural characterization of sinuous conglomerate-prone slope channel complexes, Puma Clinoform --- download Aaron's AAPG 2014 poster for more information: All three poster panels in a single pdf file.

Publications and Presentations

Reimchen, A.P., Hubbard, S.M., Daniels, B.G., Romans, B.W., and Stright, L., 2014, Comparison of slope channel deposits from the shelf edge to lower slope: evidence for changes in erosion, sediment transfer, and deposition (Magallanes Basin, Chile). CSPG Annual Convention, Calgary.

Reimchen, A.P., Hubbard, S.M., Auchter, N.C., Daniels, B., Jackson, A., Stright, L., and Romans, B.W., 2014, The record of sediment transfer on deep-water slopes: Characterization of an aggradational channel complex 25 km from the shelf edge, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile. AAPG Annual Meeting, Houston.

Daniels, B.G., Hubbard, S.M., Romans, B.W., Stright, L., and Reimchen, A.P., 2014, Downslope variations in slope channel body stacking patterns in outcrop, Magallanes foreland basin, Chile. CSPG Annual Convention, Calgary.

Auchter, N.C., Romans, B.W., Hubbard, S.M., Stright, L., Reimchen, A.P., and Daniels, B.G., 2014, Slope evolution revealed by analysis of sandstone body architecture, Tres Pasos Formation at Cerro Mirador, Chile. AAPG Annual Meeting, Houston.

Daniels, B.G., Hubbard, S.M., Stright, L., Romans, B.W., Fletcher, S.D.T., Reimchen, A.P., and Auchter, N.C., 2014, Longitudinal channel architecture and facies variability along an eight kilometer long downslope transect of a high-relief clinoform, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile. AAPG Annual Meeting, Houston.

Previous degrees:

B.Sc., University of Calgary

Little known fact:

On a good day, he can beat a Dutchman at speed skating.