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Daniel Niquet

M.S. Candidate
University of Calgary

Topic:  Downstream channel-fill evolution demonstrated by means of high-resolution stratigraphic and architectural characterization in the vicinity of the Hotel Tres Pasos, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile.


Research Topics

Publications and Presentations

Niquet, D.D, McIlroy, D. Permeability and Porosity of Collapsed Cone Structures Associated with Ophiomorpha Trace Fossils in Offshore Newfoundland Cores. AUGC, Antigonish, 2013

Niquet, D.D, Hubard, S.M., Reimchen, A., Laycock, D., Jobe, Z., and Romans, B.W.  The Orientation of Sandstone-filled U-Shaped Trace Fossils as Indicators of Deep-water Channel Axis Position, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile. AAPG Annual Meeting, Denver, 2015

Previous degrees:

B.Sc. Memorial University of Newfoundland

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