Team Member

Daniel Niquet

M.S. Candidate
University of Calgary

Topic:  Downstream channel-fill evolution demonstrated by means of high-resolution stratigraphic and architectural characterization in the vicinity of the Hotel Tres Pasos, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile.


Research Topics

Publications and Presentations

  • Niquet, D.D, McIlroy, D. Permeability and Porosity of Collapsed Cone Structures Associated with Ophiomorpha Trace Fossils in Offshore Newfoundland Cores. AUGC, Antigonish, 2013 
  • Niquet, D.D, Hubard, S.M., Reimchen, A., Laycock, D., Jobe, Z., and Romans, B.W.  The Orientation of Sandstone-filled U-Shaped Trace Fossils as Indicators of Deep-water Channel Axis Position, Tres Pasos Formation, Chile. AAPG Annual Meeting, Denver, 2015 Poster PDF
  • Niquet, D.D, Channel Analysis: Laguna Figueroa-Hotel Tres Pasos Transect. Chile Slope Systems JIP 2016 Annual meeting Presentation PPT

Previous degrees:

B.Sc. Memorial University of Newfoundland

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