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Erin Pemberton

Ph.D. Candidate (Completed)
ConocoPhillips, Houston

Topic: Sedimentary Bodies Intermediate Between Channels and Sheets: Outcrop Modeling Flow Transition Zone Deposits


Research Topics

Publications and Presentations

  • Pemberton, E.A.L., Lisa Stright, Stephen M. Hubbard, Sean Fletcher and Allison A. Jackson, 2014, Seismic reflectivity modeling of outcropping deep-water slope systems: Implications for reservoir exploration and development Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, southern Chile. AAPG 2015 Annual Meeting Denver, Colorado Poster PDF
  • Pemberton, E.A.L., Fletcher, S.D.T., Hubbard, S.M., Shultz, A.W., and Romans, B.W., 2014, Modeling the stratigraphic and facies architecture of a flow-expansion zone constrained with outcrop data. AAPG Annual Meeting, Houston. Poster PDF
  • Pemberton, E.A.L., Hubbard, S., and Romans, B., 2013, Stratigraphic architecture intermediate between channels and lobes: Characterization and insight from the Tres Pasos Formation, Magallanes Basin, southern Chile: AAPG Pacific Section, Monterey.
  • Pemberton, E.A.L., Hubbard, S.M., Fletcher, S.D.T., and Romans, B.W., 2013, The stratigraphic architecture preserved at the channel-lobe transition zone: Tres Pasos Formation outcrop belt, southern Chile: AAPG Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh.
  • Fletcher, S.D.T., Hubbard, S.M., Macauley, R.V., Pemberton, E.A.L., Romans, B.W., and Stright, L., 2013, Investigating down-slope changes in deep-water channel stacking with a 3-D digital outcrop model, Cretaceous Tres Pasos Formation, southern Chile: AAPG Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh
  • Pemberton, E.A.L., Bauer, D.B., Hubbard, S.M., and Kleibacker, D.W., 2012, Evolution of high-relief slope clinoforms: comparing Cretaceous strata of the North Slope, Alaska and the Magallanes Basin, southern Chile. AAPG Annual Meeting, Long Beach.
  • Pemberton, E.A.L., Hubbard, S.M., Fildani, A., Romans, B.W. and Stright, L., 2016, The stratigraphic expression of decreasing confinement along a deep-water sediment routing system: Outcrop example from southern Chile. Article published in GSA. Article PDF
  • Pemberton, E.A.L, 2016, Multi-Scale Analysis of Deep-Water Deposits from High-Relief Slope Systems, Cretaceous Strata of the Magallanes Basin, Southern Chile and Colville Basin, Northern Alaska. Thesis PDF

Previous degrees:

  • B.Sc. (Biology, University of Alberta)  
  • B.Sc. (Geology, University of Alberta)

Little known fact:

Huge fan of a perpetually losing ice hockey team.