Team Member

Sean Fletcher

M.Sc Student (Completed)
ConocoPhillips, Houston

Topic: Stratigraphic Characterization of a Cretaceous Slope Channel Complex


Publications and Presentations

  • Fletcher, S.D.T. (2013). Stratigraphic characterization of a Cretaceous slope channel complex in the Tres Pasos Formation, Arroyo Picana-Laguna Figueroa outcrop belt, Chilean Patagonia. Unpublished M.Sc. Thesis, University of Calgary, 126 p. Thesis PPTThesis PDF
  • Fletcher S.D.T., Ryan V. Macualey & Stephem M. Hubbard (2011). Characterizing Depositional Elements of a Deep Water Channel Complex using Quantiative Metrics Tres Pasos Formation, Southern Chile. CSPG meeting Presentation PPT


  • B.Sc. (McMaster University)
  • M.Sc. (University of Calgary)

Little known fact:

Sean is an actor (very talented).